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Hello, my name is Fredrick Cridland (also known as Rick) and I am the sole Owner and Director of Rickland Switchboards Limited which was established in 2005 for the purpose of manufacturing Electrical Switchboards and for the supply of Quality Electrical Components.

I have been involved in the Electrical and Electrical Switchboard Industry for over 28 years. Since I have been in this field for all my working life, I have accumulated experience and expertise in Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, CAD Drawing, Estimating, Installation, Testing and Packaging / Freighting.

My experience covers a wide range of projects from basic distribution to specific requirements for specialised projects such as Hotels, Motels, Schools, Swimming Pools, Dental Clinics, Medical Centres, Sports Stadiums, Convention Centres, Town Halls, Car Park Buildings, Pump Stations, Process and Manufacturing Plants, Prisons, Supermarkets, Tenant Buildings, Art Galleries, Theatres, Restaurants, Service Stations plus many many more.

I have also had experience with unique projects such as Mobile Medical Operating Theatres, Casinos, New Hospitals, Sports Stadium Lighting, Airport Control Towers, Airport Runway lighting, Data Centres and again many more.

My experience also consists of a short term stint in Sydney were I worked for a Local Switchboard Manufacturing company learning their way of constructing Electrical Switchboards.

Outside interests include Rugby League and Harness Racing. This photo shows me with Sly Flyin - a horse I named , part owned and sold as a youngster. He went on to win 29 races and just under 1 million dollars for his new owner.
The photo was taken just after he was retired from racing due to injury and old age .